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Although fall (and into winter) is the best time to plant many of our native wildflower seed, don't fret - there are several species that can be spring planted too! To see the species we have available, please visit our Seed Store. If you're unsure about which species can be successfully spring planted, please just ask!
Oregon Native Perennials, Shrubs, Trees,
and Wildflower Seed
Willamette Valley 
Willamette Valley

Our Plant Products are grown with home gardeners in mind
and with a dedication to maintaining local genetics. While primarily wholesale, we occasionally sell retail.
All inquiries are welcome.

Our Seed Products, available retail online, are sourced from the Willamette Valley
to support success in your garden
and support our local ecology


All photos on this website taken by Shari Cappo-Fisher
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Our containerized stock and seed are all of Oregon genetics - primarily from Lane, Linn, and Benton Counties, and just a few species originating from neighboring counties to the north or south. Source information is available upon request. To see the species we carry, please visit our :
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